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ADR Institute is an international centre of excellence for the practice and profession of dispute resolution. It will act as a global hub for practitioners, policymakers, academics and those in business, supporting the global promotion, facilitation and development of ADR methods. We offer a range of services, including guidance, support, certification, training, advice, and research in the realm of ADR.

We aim to merge industries through dispute resolution to deliver cost-effective solutions. We aim to impart Pakistan’s cultural essence for resolving disputes through collaboration, negotiation, mediation and discussion to all fraternities by modernizing our traditional structures.




Affordable and Accessible Legal Education

Tailor-made programmes to suit regional norms in resolving disputes and doing business, at international standards.

Professional Development and Training Courses

Develop & deliver dynamically progressive courses and training for continuous professional development of users of ADR services.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Database

A database of information including newsletters, ADR news and knowledge resources pooling from our members and other sources

Credentialing Certifications & Accreditations

Post-Nominal Letters signifying expertise & experience in ADR. Our Code of Professional Conduct will ensure quality & professionalism via Certification & Accreditation Courses.

ADR Research & Publications

Research carried out in the field of Alternate Dispute Resolution to explore the dimensions and possibilities of it and establish in a journal to entertain research papers.

Panels of Certified Practitioners

Our Panels of Certified ADR Practitioners includes Negotiator, Mediator, Construction Adjudicator and Arbitrators. 

We want to become the primary thought leader and dispute resolution provider in the world.




It shall be a repertoire of global jurisprudence, formed by professional membership, recognized by international institutions, striving for the advancement of alternative dispute resolution methodologies, for amicable conflicts management and effective dispute resolution.

To provide Affordable, Accessible, Neutral, Nonaligned and Quality legal education, Knowledge Database, Promote Cost Effective ADR Forums, Multilingual Professional Development & Training Courses, Panels of Certified Practitioners, Credentialing Integrity, Inclusiveness and Career Counselling.

The Institute, in nurturing and upholding the Core Values of Integrity, Honesty, Fairness, Neutrality, and Impartiality, Ethical Code of Conduct, Transparency, Cost & Time Effectiveness, Non-partisan, Abstain from Discrimination and Confidentiality. 


From finding the right Negotiator, Mediator, Construction Adjudicator and Arbitrator to the latest Training Courses to creating content that inspires, provokes discussion and drives change in the world of ADR and ODR.


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